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What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmiths installation

As part of the 2012 Heritage Festival, “What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmith’s Workshop” was a one evening video installation by a great couple of artists whom it is a pleasure to know: Janice Kuczkowski and Joseph Falsone. With Joseph’s beautiful words and Janice’s fabulous video skills, the work brought into context the history of what […]

Exhibition News

These two works were displayed in the most recent show at Canberra Contemporary Art Space “XXX“. The top is Rob Riley’s Segment from the Affirmation of Negation series; the one above is Cate Riley’s Le Slip (with fur and real underpants!!!). Most happily, Rob’s sold to a local MP. Rob will also have a work […]

Screen Graphics exhibition opening

Canberra needs to have it snow. With it’s cold grey government buildings, grey deciduous trees, fogged and frosted mornings and an icy persistent chill in the air it would be best for its identity if it could actually produce the white fluffy stuff. It might even help soften its outside reputation. As it is it […]

Screen Graphics: Common Sites

Screen Graphics : Common Sites is an exhibition of ten new paintings by Rob Riley, showing in July at the Canberra Contemporary Artspace – Manuka, ACT.   In this exhibition Riley deploys the scopic regime of the digital age, a gridded 2D plane of vertical and horizontal lines such as that used as the geometric […]

E.L.K. on JJJ

For those listening to the radio on Tuesday 15 Feb you might have heard the sounds of Canberra’s very own award-winning stencil artist (and fellow ex-next-door M16 Artspace studio renter) E.L.K. (ie. Luke Cornish) brandishing his spray cans in the carpark of the Triple J studios. There is now a page on the Triple J […]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

On a typically chilly winter’s night in Canberra we rugged up in layers to attend the opening of the new location for M16 Artspace. Having been associated with M16 since 2003, it was a homecoming of sorts to see it in its new and finally permanent premises, complete with heating, proper lighting, numerous sinks and […]

Regional Galleries – Treasures of the Towns

Well, it’s back to work again after a 5-week camping/roadtrip up to Cairns and back. And among all of the exciting and wondrous sights (Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!), several highlights were the visits to various regional galleries of which we saw Newcastle, Maitland and Gosford. We also dropped in on the Queensland Art […]

Marc Rambeau at Beaver Galleries

Opening on Thursday 17 June at 6pm is an exhibition of landscape paintings and works on paper by French-born artist Marc Rambeau. The works featured within this post are just a small sample from his extensive website and hence, I’m guessing, aren’t in this most recent exhibition but from what the Beaver invite shows me, […]