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Beauty amongst the Beasts

It’s impossible not to notice the prevalence of DSLR cameras being lugged around by everyone ranging from 8-year olds up to your old favourite aunt. Now that people are really getting into the swing of digital photography through firstly their iphones, and then taking the next step with buying a DSLR (the market must be […]

What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmiths installation

As part of the 2012 Heritage Festival, “What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmith’s Workshop” was a one evening video installation by a great couple of artists whom it is a pleasure to know: Janice Kuczkowski and Joseph Falsone. With Joseph’s beautiful words and Janice’s fabulous video skills, the work brought into context the history of what […]

E.L.K. on JJJ

For those listening to the radio on Tuesday 15 Feb you might have heard the sounds of Canberra’s very own award-winning stencil artist (and fellow ex-next-door M16 Artspace studio renter) E.L.K. (ie. Luke Cornish) brandishing his spray cans in the carpark of the Triple J studios. There is now a page on the Triple J […]

Steampunk Style

It’s brown, it’s leathery, it’s corsets and its the “Time Machine” rolled into one. I’m referring to Steampunk for which I’ve been delving into over the last week, researching the styles and format for a design of a poster I am working on. It’s been around for a few years now as an underground counter-culture […]

New NGA logo

Opening the mail the other day, an invitation for the opening of the extensions for the National Gallery of Australia sparked my immediate interest but what jumped out most was that they had a NEW LOGO! Finally, a move away from Helvetica!! But was this new logo any better than their previous? Well, first impressions […]

A Look at Cheesy Album Cover Design

I had a song in my head. And after checking out iTunes I realised I had a version of the song somewhere in our rambling album collection (the song was This Guy’s in Love with You – classic Burt Bacharach). After hunting around I found the album and had to smile. This album cover (above) has […]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

On a typically chilly winter’s night in Canberra we rugged up in layers to attend the opening of the new location for M16 Artspace. Having been associated with M16 since 2003, it was a homecoming of sorts to see it in its new and finally permanent premises, complete with heating, proper lighting, numerous sinks and […]

Ode to Melbourne (after E.B. Browning)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height of thy wondrous architecture which has escaped demolition’s blows For your Brunswick St Fitzroy with its quirky coolness I love thee St Kilda with its flat expanse of a beach with no waves and its […]