Category: Illustration

New work from old “bye-bye steampunk”

Well, a year has gone by and we’re back to designing the Heritage Festival collateral. After last year’s success the decision was whether to go with last year’s look but with a different twist, a la heavy metal below: …or whether to go with something completely different and save $300 in stock photography but spending […]

Delicious letterpress

Well, the steampunk postcard is at the printers, the poster is about to be finalised, the ads should be appearing soon and people are beginning to work on the TVC and the website. This is just a small slice of what’s been going on in the studio – which is why it has been so […]

Artist/Illustrator of the Week – Henry Darger

Henry Darger, was “discovered” after his death in 1973 with a 15 000 page manuscript In the Realms of the Unreal (if that sounds familiar it’s because he is referenced by other artists and musicians including Sufjan Stevens and Natalie Merchant). The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the […]

Two Illustrators

I happened to look at the New York Times website recently and was struck by this illustration by Cristóbal Schmal. His website reveals other very interesting work too. Haven’t seen much illustration around, probably due to the GFC but another illustrator I have come across recently is Brian Cook who I found while looking around […]