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My new best friend

Having my everyday computer suddenly die I have missed my link to the outside world. But no more! My new best friend is there with me day by day, minute by minute. It keeps me entertained with books, inspires my creativity with sketching tools, music making tools, painting tools, writing tools, camera, video, music, web, […]

Exhibition News

These two works were displayed in the most recent show at Canberra Contemporary Art Space “XXX“. The top is Rob Riley’s Segment from the Affirmation of Negation series; the one above is Cate Riley’s Le Slip (with fur and real underpants!!!). Most happily, Rob’s sold to a local MP. Rob will also have a work […]

Screen Graphics exhibition opening

Canberra needs to have it snow. With it’s cold grey government buildings, grey deciduous trees, fogged and frosted mornings and an icy persistent chill in the air it would be best for its identity if it could actually produce the white fluffy stuff. It might even help soften its outside reputation. As it is it […]

Screen Graphics: Common Sites

Screen Graphics : Common Sites is an exhibition of ten new paintings by Rob Riley, showing in July at the Canberra Contemporary Artspace – Manuka, ACT.   In this exhibition Riley deploys the scopic regime of the digital age, a gridded 2D plane of vertical and horizontal lines such as that used as the geometric […]

fad cakes

Didn’t know fadstudios also do cakes?? Well actually we don’t but this was a special occasion for our director Rob for his birthday. And being a musically-minded piano-playing dude what more could he ask for than a white-chocolate mudcake piano slathered with milk and dark chocolate ganache and decorated with white and dark chocolate “keys”. […]

Out of the studio…

I am aiming to upload here the work that has been done recently in the studio as it has been busy of late – so only a few words but pics and more pics to come… Below – identity for new business, equilibrium – personal fitness: logo, business cards, brochures, letterheads…

Screenprinted T-shirts

So it was a relative’s 40th birthday and having done screenprinted t-shirts for the family’s Christmas presents for 2010 (just generic web-based images due to lack of time for designing) I thought we’d do something special for the 40th birthday present seeing as all the gear was still sitting in a corner of the dining […]

Delicious letterpress

Well, the steampunk postcard is at the printers, the poster is about to be finalised, the ads should be appearing soon and people are beginning to work on the TVC and the website. This is just a small slice of what’s been going on in the studio – which is why it has been so […]

Heritage Festival goes Steampunk

This is my design for the Canberra and Region 2011 Heritage Festival. It’s just about nutted out. It contains a few hundred dollars of stock photography, illustrations by me for the banners, some beautiful flourishes courtesy of a 1876 letterpress book I have “Die Naturliche Tochter” by Goethe, a gorgeously grungey paper background from an […]


Shake off that designer exterior and submerse yourself in the Christmas tack-o-rama! Santa! Garish colours! Everything that sparkles! Christmas is just one design wince after another. There is just no getting away from it I have found. Trying to make the effort of having a proper corporate Christmas card, I spent days and days not […]