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Fast Posters

So it’s been a while since posting some design work, but, it’s been…well…busy! Some of the fad clients are community organisations or small business people that don’t have too much to spend on a poster to advertise their event. So I do a deal where I offer a poster for around $180 and spend 1-1.5 […]

Officetime for Mac

Being a typical creative type more interested in the lateral thinking and creative production side than the business side I was always a bit averse to going near any software that I couldn’t use creatively. Word was an unpleasant necessity but beyond that I shuddered to have to deal with Excell/MYOB etc. and hence the […]

Book covers over the past decades

Having a penchant for second-hand books is a dangerous passion. Not only do they irritate nasal passages, they also accumulate to the point where every room has a bookcase and the thought of moving house, or even moving a bookcase to a different room causes a panic attack at the thought of having to unload, […]

My life in a Cupboard

I love how in design magazines and blogs they showcase a particular intimate working space in a particular design studio. The studios they depict always look so pristine and design-ey with funky trinkets, groovy posters or artworks on the wall, great furniture, pens and matching pencils or given the minimalist white space treatment. I’ve seen […]

New work from old “bye-bye steampunk”

Well, a year has gone by and we’re back to designing the Heritage Festival collateral. After last year’s success the decision was whether to go with last year’s look but with a different twist, a la heavy metal below: …or whether to go with something completely different and save $300 in stock photography but spending […]

Ken Cato interview

I was surprised to find a link to an interview with Ken Cato on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Strangely it’s in the “money – investments” section which is either where the SMH people couldn’t decide where to put it and dumped it there, or are savvy about the impact of design […]

Out of the studio…

I am aiming to upload here the work that has been done recently in the studio as it has been busy of late – so only a few words but pics and more pics to come… Below – identity for new business, equilibrium – personal fitness: logo, business cards, brochures, letterheads…

Arty cheese

Now I’ve done a post on arty cheese before (really talking about cheesy-art record covers) but this is the real deal. I came across this in the local Woollies. It comes as part of the “Dutch Masters” series along with the Rembrandt and several others that weren’t in the store but are listed in the […]

Screenprinted T-shirts

So it was a relative’s 40th birthday and having done screenprinted t-shirts for the family’s Christmas presents for 2010 (just generic web-based images due to lack of time for designing) I thought we’d do something special for the 40th birthday present seeing as all the gear was still sitting in a corner of the dining […]