My life in a Cupboard

I love how in design magazines and blogs they showcase a particular intimate working space in a particular design studio. The studios they depict always look so pristine and design-ey with funky trinkets, groovy posters or artworks on the wall, great furniture, pens and matching pencils or given the minimalist white space treatment. I’ve seen one where they have arranged by spine colour every book on their extensive, design-orientated book shelves. I would really love a space like that.

Well, at the risk of losing current and potential clients I thought I would upload some pics of my current space within which I have inhabited, habituated and produced design for over two years now although it was only meant to be a temporary arrangement and will hopefully be re-arranged and tidied shortly once the renovations have finished…. (a l-o-n-g-term project if ever there was one). I just thought it would be nice to see a studio which doesn’t necessarily prescribe to what you see in the magazines. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that these other studios must include a hefty chunk of desk-tidying time as part of their per hour fee and that if they were that popular and busy then they wouldn’t have time to tidy and keep it neat… unless they are employing somebody else to tidy and keep it neat in which case I humbly apologise.

The fadstudios engine room where design is all about getting the work done; not re-arranging the desk trinkets.
The fadstudios engine room

Yes, that is an old pedestal imac on top of the cupboard. I swear in the future it will be a design icon of the time; so much cuter and more elegant than the first plasticky imacs which look like lumpy vacuum cleaners. I think this design was the first to really pull macs away from the work-associated computer boxes of pc plastic and really bring it to the life-hub central focus that it is now.