What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmiths installation






As part of the 2012 Heritage Festival, “What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmith’s Workshop” was a one evening video installation by a great couple of artists whom it is a pleasure to know: Janice Kuczkowski and Joseph Falsone. With Joseph’s beautiful words and Janice’s fabulous video skills, the work brought into context the history of what could be seen to the commuter driving past at 80km/hr on the highway next to it, just a rusty old, falling-down shack. There was also a talk by an archeologist about the discoveries made in the diggings just outside the shack. It seems the blacksmith kept the actual shack pristine but was wont to throw the unwanted metal bits and pieces out the window, which is where they have discovered a treasure trove of the best artifacts. These images are of the inside on the night which was lit up by red lights to give an eery affect of the Blacksmith’s fire that once existed. Spooky!!