The Coolest, most graphic-designery title sequence ever?

The Thomas Crown Affair from 1968 is now a bit of a cult classic but at the time it was an innovative example of the use of multi-split-screen or multi-dynamic image technique. The above is just the title sequence, but they use the affect throughout the film and as such, it greatly contributes to the film’s enduring appeal over time, giving it a designery edge over more popular movies of it’s time. The technique had been around for a while but was given a kick-along with Expo67 when it was used in two influential films, In the Labyrinth and A Place to Stand where Norman Jewison ( TTCA’s director) saw its potential and inserted scenes in the already finished production.
It’s a cool movie on various fronts – here is a still below of the computer Thomas Crown was checking out, a reminder of how long computers have been around…