Current Exhibition Artworks

This video is of current work in the exhibition “The Green Room” on at M16 Artspace in Griffith, Canberra. The artwork titled “The Garden” is in chalk markers drawn onto an LED illuminated light board such as what you see outside of butchers, adult sex shops etc. But here it is given a rather mesmeric magical underwater fishtank treatment.

Deformation of the Classical Conjugation,
Deformation of the Classical Conjugation

The other work in this exhibition titled “Deformation of the Classical Conjugation” is a Lambda print displayed on an A3 LED lightbox. The image constructed in Photoshop using hand-sketched, water-coloured images combined with digital images, is a test for our mini-exhibition in February at M16 Artspace as well as our big exhibition at The Belconnen Arts Centre in June.



  1. Wow! Super cool stuff. But if I recall correctly, the title for the Lambda Duratran is actually “A Deformation of the Classical Conjugation Action”.