Epigenetic explorations 1

So here is a small prototype for the combination oil on digital print works which will be part of a series exploring epigenetic memory. In this case it is an oil painting of the mountains near Canberra in Australia superimposed over a Creative Commons photograph of the Churfirsten mountains in the Canton of St Gallen in Switzerland. The previous post was a digitally rendered prototype. I have been nutting out how to best seal the photographic image (which has been digitally printed onto inkjet-compatible canvas) so that the oil doesn’t leech into the canvas and so that the detail and clarity of the print isn’tRead More →

New Directions: Churfirsten mit Kambah

I am dependent on others for my visual references of Switzerland. I have calendars, books and the internet for my perception of it and so my experience comes second-hand through the eyes of others. So this is a prototype of my next series to do with this second-hand view of Swiss scenes borrowed from the library of others. Overlaying images of Swiss mountain scenes printed onto canvas I am painting scenes in oils of scenes I HAVE experienced; Australian scenes of mountains using colours synonymous with Australia: yellow and red ochres, gum-leaf greys and deep violet shadows from the raw, hot Australian sun.Read More →

Ocean rainclouds

It was meant to be a relaxing stay on Stradbroke doing sketches but the relaxing bit was the two book-ended days with a flurry of visiting of relations in the middle. Which meant not much sketching got done. So here are the sketches I did – mostly rushed pencil sketches and the second image (Ocean Rainclouds) isn’t even on the Island but on the way back at the hotel at Korora Bay. The first (Brown Lake Paperbark) was done in oil pastels – a direct and fun medium to work with. I want to do a larger version of the driftwood image but in bold contemporaryRead More →