Ocean rainclouds

It was meant to be a relaxing stay on Stradbroke doing sketches but the relaxing bit was the two book-ended days with a flurry of visiting of relations in the middle. Which meant not much sketching got done. So here are the sketches I did – mostly rushed pencil sketches and the second image (Ocean Rainclouds) isn’t even on the Island but on the way back at the hotel at Korora Bay. The first (Brown Lake Paperbark) was done in oil pastels – a direct and fun medium to work with. I want to do a larger version of the driftwood image but in bold contemporaryRead More →

Yesterday it was a sunny day so I went down to the local creek which I had previously spotted for a potential en plain air sketch. It was pretty hard going sitting on the edge of the creek culvert with myself, my iPad or my pen threatening to slide off into the rocky creek below. But the little baby waterdragons shuttling past my feet were the cutest and made up for the discomfort, even with all my struggles of capturing the image. After an hour I wasn’t really happy with what I was producing as per above. Instead of going from shadows to highlights I dived inRead More →